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Voice of an angel
One thousand cups of cuteness

that’s what you need to create a REVO

Revo’s voice (especially his laugh) is sounds like a teenager who have done a high pitch song and now his voice is vanishing

I just see my dashboard and it full of Revo… then I can’t focus on my study because my internet connection is become so Revo and I can’t see / open the picture that has a Revo tag and my phone is low battery and I hungry. Goddammit

I tried to draw a portrait of me (or something like that, I don’t know lol) well… this is it 8D

Friend: Wow, this song is very good and cheerful!

Me: Dude, this song is about a girl killing her family

Friend: .....oh, Wonderful!

Me: .... (・_・)

When the last time I check my dashboard and reblog things….?